Night guards in Helena, MT

Night guards in Helena, MT

Nightguards protect the teeth from harm while you sleep. These appliances are used by people who suffer from bruxism, a condition that results in the grinding of teeth. At Helena Family Dentistry, we can help you determine if nightguards are the right option for your oral health. They help to prevent damage and protect your teeth from deterioration as a result of grinding.

What Is a Nightguard?

A nightguard is a mouth guard used to protect your teeth from harm when you grind your teeth or experience bruxism. Our dentist recommends them for patients suffering from bruxism or are conscious of their grinding habits and wish to prevent any damage to their teeth or jaw joints. 

What Are the Benefits of Nightguards?

  • A nightguard prevents tooth damage and wears caused by grinding, which could result in tooth loss over time.
  • It also reduces your chances of experiencing swollen and tender jaw joints caused by grinding on your teeth during sleep.
  • Additionally, nightguards can help you reduce the occurrence of jaw pain or headaches in the morning after you wake up. 

What Is the Procedure for Getting a Nightguard?

Our dentist will take a series of impressions of your teeth during your initial visit to our office. The impressions will be sent to a dental laboratory, where your nightguard will be custom-made for your mouth. Once it is ready, it will be provided to you, and you may use it every time you go to bed.

A new nightguard should be made every six months as it wears down with time and requires replacement.

How Should You Care for a Nightguard?

It is important that you take care of your nightguard so that it continues to help protect your teeth and prevent damage. Clean it before using by brushing it in the morning with toothpaste and water before putting it into place. After every use, soak it in a mild bleach solution to remove stains and keep it hygienic before putting it back into place at night. If you experience discomfort while wearing the nightguard, or if it starts to wear down, please contact our dental office immediately.

To learn more, visit us at Helena, MT, or call us at (406) 443-6160 to schedule an appointment with the dentist and we will be happy to help.


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