Composite Filling

A composite filling is used to treat cavities and restore the teeth to their original shape and size. It is made from a mixture of powdered glass and plastic, making it quite durable. The composite filling will fill the cavity completely, thereby restoring the strength and integrity of the tooth. It can be used to repair simple tooth decay as well as more complex damage, such as a root canal infection or fracture.

What are the Advantages of Composite Fillings?

  • The composite bonding resin is highly versatile, making it easy to apply to the teeth and restore them to their original health and strength.
  • The composite filling restores the tooth's structure and prevents it from cracking or breaking.
  • Composite fillings don't conduct heat or cold as metal fillings do. They keep the temperature of the teeth constant and prevent excessive sensitivity.
  • Composite fillings are stain-resistant. They do not discolor or wear out with time, even if you consume foods like tea, coffee, or wine.
  • The procedure for applying composite fillings is less invasive than other types of fillings. Also, the procedure requires only a few visits to the dentist's office.
  • Composite fillings can be customized to match the exact color of your natural teeth, making them quite discreet.
  • If you have metal fillings, you may experience staining from certain foods like tea or wine. But a composite filling will not stain your teeth.

How are Composite Fillings Placed?

Before placing a composite filling in your mouth, we will screen your teeth using a hand-held electronic dental scanner to check for cavities and other oral conditions such as gum diseases. We will remove the decay from your teeth by creating a small hole in them using an ultrasonic scaling tool and removing the debris using a jet of water.
We will scrub the walls of the cavity using an antimicrobial solution to remove tartar deposits and then rinse it off with water after drying it. Next, we will apply a suitable amount of adhesive on the cavity walls and place the composite filling in it and shape it accordingly before curing it with a UV light. 

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